Our farm in Magtenbølle (part of it)

Our farm in Magtenbølle (part of it)

View from the Vissenbjerg Hills 5km. West of Magtenbølle

 View from the Vissenbjerg Hills 5 km. West of Magtenbølle

Visitors in mobile home / camper van at our place

Visitors in mobile home / camper van at our place

Magtenbølle Enggaard, also called Sulelængen i Magtenbølle welcomes you from the green heart of Denmark!

From April till October we have a venue here with live music now and then. In case you are a musician, we would be happy if you bring your instrument(s); then we may organize your entertainment here in the evening - or if you are just interested in live music, we would recommend you to study our seasonal program here...

The Isle of Funen is "The Green Heart of Denmark", which means:

  • bike touring to small museums and attractions within a radius of 5, 10, 15 km - whatever you like
  • nice countryside with splendid views and quietnes - you're in the area of "High Funen" - the highest point of Funen 8 km. from here, 133 meters above sea level. And other views just 1-4 km away.
  • only 15 km to the city centre of the native city of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense
  • good public transport from here - by train or by bus
  • from here you'll stand in the heart of Copenhagen within 2 hours, and very often there are special offers of 1-day tickets by train. And no parking problems, too - so we can recommend that...
  • Motorroadexits 54 (Vissenbjerg/Søndersø) or 53 (Odense V/Blommenslyst) 3-5 km. This means that the famous Legoland in Jylland (Jutland) can be reached by car please take a look here within an hour...

What to pay for a stay here (campervans and bicycle tourists) - Updated April 2024 - please click here

Please have a look at our site. We hope you can understand some of it - at least our photos! We shall be very happy to welcome you here on Fyn (Funen) and we shall answer any question you might ask us by telephone or e-mail.

Best regards,

Ingrid Henriksen & Jørgen Bjerring Magtenbølle Enggaard Magtenbøllevej 94 DK-5492  Vissenbjerg Tlph. +45 29615859 (Jørgen), +45 3025 2794 (Ingrid), magtenboelle@gmail.com

To learn more about our old farm built in 1780, click here


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